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How to Redeem Free Codes in PUBG Mobile?

Many PUBG players tend to feel discontented when they spend a lot of time playing but the rewards they get are so limited. Meanwhile, by spending UCs, new players get more rewards than they do.

You are a PUBG player and are looking for new PUBG mobile redeem codes, aren't you? This post will give you the best and latest free redeem codes that must be of help for you in getting game gifts such as motorcycles, fireworks, gun skins, legendary outfits, and much more.

Join us to see the details!


Download PUBG Mobile

Most of the players have the common question is how we can know about the latest redeem codes. Actually, these codes are sometimes released through different social media channels, which is hard for you to get all of them in time. Therefore, to help you get them easily, we aggregate all those codes in this post. Additionally, we will also give you things that as a PUBG player, you will definitely need.


Here are the latest redeem codes to help you get gun skins for free

SD14G84FCC (for a free AKM Glacier skin)

SD16Z66XHH (for a free Scar-L Gun skin)

PGHZDBTFZ95U (for a free M416 skin)

S78FTU2XJ (for the M416 Gun Skin)

GPHZDBTFZ (for a free UMP9 Gun skin)

JJCZCDZ9U (for a free AKM skin)

RAAZBZJGS (for M416 orange skin)

KARZBZYTR (for the Kar98 Gun Skin)


The redeem codes helping you get outfits for free below

TIFZBHZK4A (for a reward of a legendary outfit)

TIFZBHZK4A (for a free new legendary outfit)

TIFZBIZACZG (for a legendary outfit)

NEIZBZKND (for free crate)

NEHZBZ9VX (for free 2019 BP coins using this code)

D70FYU5N0 (for a free reward)

TIFZQZANGC (for free legendary outfit)


Besides redeem codes for outfits or gun skins, there are many other codes

5FG10D33 (for a free Falcon pet)

RNUZBZ9QQ (for a free Legendary Vehicle skin)

JJCZCDZJ9U (for a free Golden Pan skin)

UKUZBZGWF (for free Fireworks)

BBKVZBZ6FW (for 3 Red Tea)

TQIZBz76F (for free 3 motorcycles)

UKUZBZGWF (for x2 Fireworks)

R89FPLM9S (for a free companion)

RNUZBZ9QQ (for 3 motorcycles)


With a few steps to enter the codes, you have attractive items in PUBG Mobile.

Recently, on the official website, PUBG Mobile has created a code redemption system where you can enter the character ID and use PUBG Mobile codes to receive free Skins, Outfits, and many more.



Step 1: Visit the website to redeem PUBG Mobile Code at PUBG Mobile.

Step 2: Enter the character ID, PUBG Mobile Code, and confirm with Verification Code => Click Redeem. (Refer to the following instruction to get character ID of PUBG Mobile)

To get your character ID, visit the game's official interface and click directly on your PUBG Mobile Avatar, which is located in the top right corner of the screen. Your PUBG character ID is the sequence of numbers just above your character's Avatar.

Step 3: After logging in to the game, you will receive a reward for using PUBG Mobile Code 2020 for free through in-game messages.


It is certain that besides redeem codes, there are more ways to get free skins in PUBG. Which are the ways?


PUBG Mobile also has events on certain occasions. In such events, players are often required to complete a certain task to be given skins. Usually, specific events will be applied in specific regions, so you should not use of VPN to hide your location to join the events.

Royal Pass  

There is another way to get skins in PUBG Mobile is to complete Royal Pass missions. In this way, you can sometimes get two skins in the free pass.

Free UC

Instead of looking for skins, you can earn UC in exchange for skins. Usually, players use sites and apps to earn UC for free. Some popular ones are Google Opinion Reward, Prize Rebel, Idle-empire, Grab points.

These are the ways that PUBG players can use to get free skins. However, in the process of earning UC, being careful to avoid illegal tools is recommended.

Mario & Sonic latest Olympic review

 It feels like yesterday that we first saw the original pairing of Nintendo and Sega in the sports-themed Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games, but here we are over a decade later with the latest chapter in their rivalry. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, the first installment for the Switch, not only brings back the classic summer mini-games but also introduces several new additions in an effort to mix things up. The biggest change is the inclusion of a story mode which attempts to address complaints about the lack of single-player-focused content in previous entries. It’s a fun premise: Eggman and Bowserattempt to capture Mario and Sonic in a retro game based on the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, but being the inept villains that they are, they accidentally trap themselves in the game world too. This leads to the best part about Mario & Sonic, the retro-inspired mini-games. Not only do you get to compete in ten different Olympic-style events resembling something you’d play on the NES or Genesis, but the story mode includes unique one-off mini-games that are really something else, like racing against a bullet train as Sonic. Mario & Sonic definitely could have benefitted from a few more of these distinct events. While the lead heroes are busy dealing with the situation, their companions on the outside work to find a way to free them. This portion of the story focuses on modern Olympic events, but you’ll also find unique mini-games here too. Just like their 1964 counterparts, these original concepts are some of the best activities the game has to offer, like shooting down robots in a specialized archery event. Ultimately, despite its original premise, the story mode leaves much to be desired. The narrative overstays its welcome with conversations that drag on with repetitive dialogue, making progression incredibly tedious. Each era’s overworld map is a nice touch, especially the 1964 iteration, but the novelty does little to mitigate the story mode’soverall shortcomings. The story mode also serves as a defacto tutorial, and for the most part, it does a good job of allowing you to get your bearings. However, with the sheer number of mini-games present, it can still be a little overwhelming, and a few events could use better explanations to help make things clear. Expect to take several attempts on the more complicated events before things start to click. Given the story mode’s limited appeal, Mario & Sonic relies heavily on its multiplayer offerings. When played with others in a local setting, the game is a blast in small sessions. Not every game is a winner, but most will have you coming back for seconds. Yet when it comes to modes and options for multiplayer, Mario & Sonic comes up short. Yes, there is both local and online multiplayer support, but there’s little else offered here - no unique modes, no customization, and worst of all, no tournaments. In an Olympic-themed game, these omissions highlight just how barebones the multiplayer component is. You can compare your best times via leaderboards, but that’s about it. There’s no way to set match lengths, the number of rounds, or even the most basic options outside of creating a lobby that allows 2-4 players from either your friend's list, your region, or worldwide. There’s a lot of potential in the combination of the Mario and Sonic universes, and the Olympic settings one of the grandest stages of them all. Yet after over a decade, the developers simply can make the series live up to its massive billing. The retro angle could have been the missing ingredient, but the game doesn't lean into this strong enough. What’s left is a party game that’s fun for a few hours, but will just as quickly be forgotten. Easy Allies Reviews are made possible by generous viewers just like you. If you like what you see, check to help us make more. For just $1 a month, you can gain access to weekly updates

best games for 2020

 Hello and welcome to Rock Paper Shotgun. Although, with Valorent out today on PC and free to play I’m kind of amazed there’s anyone around here to say hello to. I know I’m not as exciting as a teleporting wizard with a machine gun, so thanks for joining me. It’s the start of June so what better time to cast our eye over the next 30 days of games. Yes, I know it’s also fake E3 this month, but just because the world is salivating over the hits of the distant future, doesn’tmean there aren’t some killer games in the here and now. And here are our picks. Valiant is the obvious place to start. In a nutshell, it’s the speed and ferocity of Counter-Strike married to the character powers of Overwatch. Now, as a 35-year-old - a dinosaur in gaming years - I don’t have the reaction time to hold my own in CS: GO, so the idea of using character abilities to outsmart teenage assassins holds great appeal. Of course, that’s only how it works on paper
Riot’s shooter: the truth is, a bullet to the head is going to splatter your sneaky plans all over the nearest wall, but the sense of ‘what if’ that’s added with teleports, super jumps and lava puddles really do change the rhythm and tone. It’s free to play, with cosmetics for sale, and has held younger members of the RPS team entranced during its beta. They probably just like killing me to be honest. If you’d like to kill me too, Valorant awaits. Disintegration is an intriguing one. It’s the first game from V1 Interactive,a new studio headed by Bungie’s former creative art director Marcus Lehto. This is a guy who knows how to create iconic worlds and machinery, but does it have the game to back it up? To its credit this isn’t a simple sci-fi fps: you command a group of soldiers on the ground, RTS-style, while you hover overhead in a motorcycle that doesn’t care one jot about gravity. You need to strike the balance between ordering your ground troops around, whilst watching out for other airborne bikers that are looking to take you out. It could turn out that this genre hybrid doesn’tappease either fanbase, but I liked what I played at Gamescom last year and any chance to look at mad sci-fi landscapes is more fun than being stuck in my house where all I see is this massive weed growing outside. I should really do something about that. Many PC games are about building bigger and better spaceships. In Hard space Shipbreaker, it’s about taking a hammer to that hard work. You’re a zero-g salvager, tasked with breaking down hulking great spacecraft using a variety of laser cutters to slice out precious components and a grappling hook to yank away plating like you were peeling a giant metal orange. I like to think of it as House Flipper, but the house is A) in space, and B) can explode for millions of different reasons. You might saw through a fuel pipe detonating the whole thing or puncture a hole in the side, decompressing the ship, and sending yourself flying into the abyss of space. I love that someone has made a space game where the enemy is space itself - we’ll have a lot more on Shipbreaker when it hits early access on June 16th. It’s taken them a while, but EA are finally showing Command & Conquer the love it deserves with this tasty Remastered collection - includes Tiberian Dawn, Red Alert, and their three expansion packs - as well as missions that were exclusive to the console versions. It’s all been given a 4K HD remaster, though you can switch back to original graphics with the press of a button. Oh, and the music - which is soundtracks that defined mid-90s gaming - are remastered with over 20 tracks getting rerecorded by original composer Frank Klepacki and The Tiberian Sons. It’s a real love letter to these earlier games - there’s even a bonus archive of b-roll footage of those majestically hammycutscenes and it tidies up the action with a new interface, online matchmaking, and full modding support. Is this going to be great? In the words of Red Alert: Sooner or Later, time will tell. But I’ve got a feeling it’s going to the beach. Tainted Grail is an RPG based on a tabletop game that stormed Kickstarter in 2018 where it raked in close to 5 million pounds. On PC that flat cardboard becomes a handsomeisometric world, with a combat system based on stitching together combos from a deck of battle cards. Since it was last seen in Alpha the combat has had a big visual makeover, now showing the fight playing out with dinky 3D models, so it’s less jarring when you switch from world exploration to battling. It’s also getting Conquest mode, which is the focus of this early access release: this is a blend of the main campaign’s mechanics with roguelike elements. Think randomly generated mazes, but with lots of narrative encounters and a village you build up to help with future runs. Here’s hoping that trying to build two substantial game modes at the same time doesn’t impact the quality of either. Test it for yourself on June 25th. The Almost Gone beguiled us when we covered it as part of our Indies Uncovered series earlier in the year. You can click the onscreen link for a proper demo, but in short this is a narrative-driven puzzle game that sees you assume the role of someone stuck between life and death. In order to figure out how you ended up in limbo, you spin and prod a series of dioramas to reveal the answer to everything. It’s unlikely to be 42. Not many big laughs in this one we fear, but despite the macabre topic, the diddy models are quite cute. You can get to the bottom of this mystery once the game launches on the 25th of June. Beyond Blue is another star of our indiesuncovered - we first showed it back in April 2019. Again, a link on the screen. It’s made by E-Line Media who, having impressed the BBC with their 2015 game Never Alone, was invited to work on Blue Planet: The VideoGame. The result is Beyond Blue: an exploration game that attempts to give you an insight into the wondrous creatures that inhabit the ocean. As a deep-sea explorer and scientist Mirai, you’ll swim with dolphins, scan sperm whales, and marvel at something called the Chilean devil ray. Despite their frightening names, you donated to worry about fish taking a chunk out of you. Beyond Blue is devoid of all danger, in fact. The only thing you need to be concerned about falling into a sedative-like state as you investigate the world’s biggest swimming pool. Twin-stick shooter, Danger Scavenger, is set in a cyberpunk-themed universe where huge corporations are effectively controlling the entire world. So, not too dissimilar to our own... The action takes place atop the roofs of huge skyscrapers, but the approach is up to you. Each one of the playable Scavengers has their own skills and play style, so you can go in all guns blazing if you like or, alternatively, you can apply a bit of strategy and go in with some other guns blazing. It’s up to you. The looting and shooting mightn’t redefine video games, but it sure looks like a good time for me. We’ll find out just how good a good time it is in the middle of this month. The game most likely to squeeze out a few tears this month is Waking - unless you count tears of humiliation in Valorent. As you lay in a coma, in a hospital bed, you battle inner demons in a randomly-generated environment. Just because there's a soul-searching meditative angle, don’t go thinking this is a walk in the park. The developer likens combat to Dark Souls in terms of a challenge if not style - your attacks are mostly telekinetic. Could’ve used that ability against Ornstein& Smough, to be fair. But, when we said Waking could make you cry, we weren’t necessarily talking about its difficulty. The game asks you to pull on your own memoriesand experiences as you reflect on life, and face your fears. Certainly an interesting concept and one we're hoping developer Jason Oda can deliver on. Ah Desperados 3, aka: The Good, The Bad AndThe Sneaky. It’s a return to real-time stealth tacticsof the 2001 classic by Mimimi, who made the excellent Shadow Tactics. It’s a proper cowboy romp as you use a wideselection of powers to outsmart bandits, freeze time to coordinate ingenious team takedownsand pull off audacious assassinations in levels that borrow a lot of tricks from the Hitmangames. You can even mind control a chicken if that’syour deal. It’s all presented in this gorgeous isometricworld that feels like having a miniature Westworld living inside your PC. There’s a demo on Good Old Games that Ireally recommend if you have any interest in A) cowboys, or B) real-time tactics gameslike Commandos or Desperados 1. It’s a genre that doesn’t get enough loveand this is a brilliant example of it. It’s one of my most anticipated games of2020, let alone June. Yee, and indeed, haw. Before we wrap up this video I also wantedto give a quick shout to some great games coming to Steam for the first time in June. Sea of Thieves is a return to form for Rare,an online pirate adventure that has evolved into something special since launch. Steam is also getting Satisfactory and OuterWilds, which were previous Epic exclusives. One’s about building impossibly large productionlines, the other about solving the mysteries of the universe before the whole thing goeskaboom. Outer Wilds was my game of the year in 2019and you’d be mad to miss it. You can also get Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Soulsand Detroit: Beyond Human on Steam, if you enjoy quick time events and quite bad writing. To each their own. Of course, these are but a fraction of thegames coming to PC this month, so please do give us your recommendations in the commentsbelow. Personally I’m going to spend June lurkingin the shadows of Desperados 3 - I mean it’s too hot to stand everywhere else - and boppingmy head along to some Red Alert Hell March. Hope you also have fun in June and do givethe video a thumbs up and write something nice if you found it useful. Thanks for watching, and bye for now. 

Descargar Project Cars Game of the Year Edition por Torrent

Descargar Project Cars Game of the Year Edition por Torrent
  • Nombre: Project Cars Game of the Year Edition
  • Plataforma: PS4 Juegos Torrent Para PS4
  • Idiomas: Idioma EnglishIdioma EspañolIdioma FrenchIdioma GermanIdioma Italian
  • Genero: Conduccion


    IMPORTANTE: INcluye Update.v1.01.

    Project CARS es un juego de simulación del 2015 el cual esta orientado y fue aprobado por una grandiosa comunidad de pilotos reales. Project CARS presenta la próxima generación de la simulación de carreras que combina los deseos de los fans con la experiencia real de las carreras. Las gráficas de calidad que te haran sentir como en una pista real, tienes la opción de crear tu propio piloto, elige un vehículo e inicia tu propia historia. Los diferentes ambientes que allí existen, carreras y circuitos que no encontraras en otros juegos de carreras, parada en boxes además de la compatibilidad con Oculus Rift y la resolución de ultra-alta definición 12K.


    Te gustó este juego? pero te interesa descargar mas juegos de PS4 Te invitamos a que pruebes descargar metal gear solid v the definitive experience, aparte de juegos de conduccion podrás encontrar muchas más como: juegos de accion para la PS4 y siempre disponible en nuestro sitio web de GamesTorrent.

  • Formato: PKG
  • Tamaño: 22.1 GB
  • Fecha: 23-10-2018
  • Release: PRELUDE
  • Calidad: Blu-ray
  • Region: EUR

Detroit Become Human-CODEX

Detroit Become Human Free Download


Detroit: Become Human puts the destiny of both mankind and androids in your hands, taking you to a near future where machines have become more intelligent than humans. Every…

Game Overview


Detroit: Become Human, the award-winning video game production from Quantic Dream, is finally available on Steam! Featuring world-renowned actors including Jesse Williams (Grey’s Anatomy), Clancy Brown (Carnivale), Lance Henriksen (Aliens), Bryan Dechart (True Blood) and Valorie Curry (Twilight). WHAT MAKES US HUMAN? Detroit 2038. Technology has evolved to a point where human like androids are everywhere. They speak, move and behave like human beings, but they are only machines serving humans. Play three distinct androids and see a world at the brink of chaos – perhaps…


 TITLE: Detroit Become Human

 DEVELOPER: Quantic Dream

 PUBLISHER: Quantic Dream

 RELEASE DATE: 18 Jun, 2020

 GENRE: Adventure, Sci-fi




 RELEASE NAME: Detroit Become Human-CODEX







System Requirement


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 10 (64 bit)
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-2300 @ 2.8 GHz or AMD Ryzen 3 1200 @ 3.1GHz or AMD FX-8350 @ 4.2GHz
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 780 or AMD HD 7950 with 3GB VRAM minimum (Support of Vulkan 1.1 required)
  • Storage: 55 GB available space


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 10 (64 bit)
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-6600 @ 3.3 GHz or AMD Ryzen 3 1300 X @ 3.4 GHz
  • Memory: 12 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 or AMD Radeon RX 580 with 4GB VRAM minimum (Support of Vulkan 1.1 required)
  • Storage: 55 GB available space


Detroit Become Human Torrent Download

Detroit Become Human PC Crack

Mafia III Definitive Edition Update 1-CODEX

Mafia III Definitive Edition Update 1 Free Download


Mafia III: Definitive Edition – After Lincoln Clay’s surrogate family, the black mob, is betrayed and killed by the Italian Mafia, Lincoln builds a new family and blazes a path of…

Game Overview


Mafia III: Definitive Edition includes the main game, all Story DLC (Faster, Baby!, Stones Unturned, Sign of the Times) and Bonus Packs (Family Kick-Back Pack and Judge, Jury & Executioner Weapons Pack) bundled in one place for the first time. Part three of the Mafia crime saga – 1968, New Bordeaux, LA. After years of combat in Vietnam, Lincoln Clay knows this truth: family isn’t who you’re born with, it’s who you die for. When his surrogate family is wiped out by the Italian Mafia, Lincoln builds a new family and blazes a path of revenge through the Mafioso responsible….


 TITLE: Mafia III Definitive Edition Update 1

 DEVELOPER: Hangar 13, Aspyr (Mac)

 PUBLISHER: 2K, Aspyr (Mac)

 RELEASE DATE: 19 May, 2020

 GENRE: Open World, Action, Shooter, Adventure, Nudity, Mature, Update




 RELEASE NAME: Mafia III Definitive Edition Update 1-CODEX







System Requirement


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 7 64-bit
  • Processor: Intel I5-2500K, AMD FX-8120
  • Memory: 6 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 2GB of Video Memory & NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660, AMD Radeon HD7870
  • Storage: 50 GB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectX Compliant Sound card
  • Additional Notes: Windows 8.1 users may need additional Windows Update files: Please Click here for information


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 7 64-bit
  • Processor: Intel I7-3770, AMD FX 8350 4.0 Ghz
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 4GB of Video Memory & NVIDIA Geforce GTX 780 or GeForce GTX 1060, AMD Radeon R9 290X
  • Storage: 50 GB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectX Compliant Sound card


Mafia III Definitive Edition Update 1 Torrent Download

Mafia III Definitive Edition Update 1 PC Crack